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   The Story

“If you’re craving a new, mind-blowing fantasy, look no further that FORTRESS. Melynda Kiring’s vivid and engaging debut fantasy is dusted with mystery, intrigue, and wrought with splendid characters. The genius and original storyline makes this a great addition to any fantasy reader’s book list.”
                                                       - Todd Nunes, author of “Two Brothers.”


“A combination of Stephen King and Roald Dahl.”
                                                      - Jim Kilpatrick, author of “Little Bat Koku.”

Hmm, intriguing. What's the book about?

  Three strangers: Iris, Alistair and Spike, are casually ripped from their mundane lives to find themselves in a vast desert. Their journey to discover the reason puts them in the path of two unpredictable smiling gods.

          Guided by intuition, and the words of a possibly-long-dead doctor from 1886, they brave sand, caves, ruby bugs, too much diner food, a medicine show, many baffling visions, and an unexpectedly divine performance at a local theater, all while wondering if the cheerful hints offered by the Twin Gods are as helpful as they seem.  In the end a decision must be made. One that will - if all goes well - rip a soul apart.

    Instantly engrossing, and wonderfully re-readable, this is an enchanting tale of fate (like it or not), of true soul-love that transcends time and space, and the healing power of French fries.

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