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The Cast

Who are the People who get to live this strange adventure?

A career waitress at May's Diner in Lodi. CA., it never occures to her that anything will actually happen to her in her life.  Numbed by years of dull service-with-a-smile, she is about to find out what she can do when her life becomes her own.



Year: 1993
Born 1966 in Lodi, California. 


A Pilot-for-hire from South Carolina. He has always had a slight mystic way about him, and it definitely comes in handy now. A man of the world as far as women are concerned, Iris broadsides him just a bit.


Year: 1972

Born: 1943, Round O, South Carolina


An aimless Biker living in Sun Valley, Nevada. Having been transported to a strange place, he sees no difference here from his normal life. A man of deeply cultivated anger, the only soft spot he has is for his Motorcycle "Trish."


Year: 1984

Born: 1951, in Elko, NV.

Dr. Spencer

A Barber-turned-Dentist-turned Doctor in Listening Day Territory in 1886.  His sudden appearance in the desert didn't bother him as much as the disappearance of his dear wife Patience.

As the only "local", he is the most grounded.


Year: 1886

Born: 1844, in Parcel City, Culnoria

The Twin Gods

(Calleon and Amandora)

Two mysterious, smiling, floating people.  

What in the world do they want?


Year: ??

Born: ?? 

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